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My favorite Youtube channels for Halloween makeup inspiration

bunch of hocus pocus, raw beauty kristi, pennywise IT the clown

Alright, so I am the first to admit I loveeee watching makeup tutorials on Youtube. This includes regular beauty makeup as well as gore/FX looks. About 2/3 of my subscriptions are one or the other and I thought today for my first official post, we could talk about who a few of my top picks are!

I only have notifications turned on for literally TWO people on Youtube…and Mykie, aka Glam and Gore is one of them. She does an amazing job of balancing these two worlds of makeup and creates unbelievable looks on her channel.


bunch of hocus pocus, mykie, death stranding

She was most recently one of the blood drive nurses for the Jigsaw 2017 campaign and she looked amazing with her blue hair.

bunch of hocus pocus, mykie blood drive, jigsaw 2017 movie blood drive

Her creativity inspires me and I love that she goes with wherever that takes her. She did a makeup look based off of a trailer for an upcoming video game called Death Stranding and this is a perfect example of that. She is into gaming and combined this passion with her art.

bunch of hocus pocus, mykie, death stranding

While you’re at it, you should also check out the fake live stream she did. She had all of her followers faked out and seriously worrying that she wasn’t alone in her apartment.

Next, I wouldn’t have a complete list without mentioning Jordan Hanz.

Like Mykie, her skills are next level and I love her down to earth approach. She swears in her videos, drinks sometimes while working and just seems very relatable.

One of my favorites is when she recreated a “Little Sister” from the video game Bioshock. The makeup was awesome, the intro to the video featured some retro music much like the video games and I really liked her creation.

bunch of hocus pocus, jordan hanz, little sister bioshock

Jordan’s body painting skills are some of the best, in my opinion and her voodoo doll creations is a prime example of that.

bunch of hocus pocus, jordan hanz, voodoo doll tutorial

Last, I also love her “pop art” style take on Harley Quinn as well as her Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, complete with stitches.

bunch of hocus pocus, jordan hanz, harley quinn

bunch of hocus pocus, jordan hanz, sally, nightmare before christmas

Last, but not least we have Raw Beauty Kristi. If you are familiar with Jordan Hanz you have probably seen their collab videos bc they seem to be good friends and I have to say, the Halloween videos she did this year were really awesome. She took it up quite a few levels and I really loved a lot of the work she produced. Her intros are like little movies and I found myself rewatching that part a lot because of the work she put into them.

The one that stood out the most to me this year was Pennywise from the movie It. There were TONS of tutorials that flooded Youtube for this one and in Salem, MA I saw so many red haired clowns about town. Makes me wonder how many people might have drawn inspiration from her work.

bunch of hocus pocus, pennywise IT the clown

Next, I really liked her depiction of the Other Mother from the movie Coraline. I don’t know if it’s because I like that movie so much or because I enjoy Neil Gaiman in general, but this one looked really cool.

bunch of hocus pocus, raw beauty kristi, other mother, coraline

Lastly, I really loved her depiction of Maleficent. Her contoured cheeks were killer and I loved the green contact lenses.

bunch of hocus pocus, raw beauty kristi, maleficent

So what do you all think? Are you like me? Do you watch makeup gurus on Youtube all the time? Feel free to comment below with some of your favorites. <3

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