On why I blog about Salem and all things creepy

For someone who is still scared of the dark at age 32, can’t handle the trailers for scary movies and can’t read creepy books before bed time, you might wonder why I run a website dedicated to all things Salem, MA and have launched this sister site to it. I ask myself the same thing…a lot. As someone who is quite a baby and doesn’t like the feeling of being scared, why did I choose this?

It’s pretty simple. I love that it’s a holiday that most people can get behind. It doesn’t matter your age or family status, marriage status or income bracket…it’s a time of year that is so easy to enjoy. Over here in New England there is something magical about the air becoming crisp, breaking out the hoodies and seeing the leaves slowly begin to turn. I know Things To Do In Salem doesn’t focus exclusively on Halloween (Salem has tons to do all year ’round), but there is a lot that go on from October 1-31 in the witch city. During the off seasons, you can still catch elements of creepiness there. While the first snow fell in Salem a few weeks ago, Krampus wandered the streets with his long tongue hanging out and bothered people.

That is what I love. People are just…into it. It’s a time of year (or a lifestyle :P) where you can dress how you want, do what you want and just be silly. You can have fun and celebrate all things left of center. You might get some weird looks as you get older, but you can trick-or-treat at any age. It’s perfectly fine to spend months prepping a Halloween costume, or spend a few hours of prep the night of.

Here on Bunch of Hocus Pocus, I plan to focus on all of those fall, New England and spooky things. Everything Halloween, everything different. I’ve got a few reviews lined up, a couple of trips being written into the schedules and more. I don’t want to give away anything but I am pretty excited!!

I hope you’ll join me for the ride!

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